The word Kriya stands for action in Sanskrit, one of the ancient languages of the world. To keep divinity/ the life energy alive with active participation in both tangible and intangible projects is the purpose of this program.

The heart-shaped betel nut leaf emblematizes the holistic healing aspect of the Kriyadivine which when split phonetically yields Kriyadiv (creative) vine; the vine, on to which we hope many would entwine to create a positive, joyful movement worldwide.

What aging does to us? – effects on physique, psyche and morale

Brain the most complex, mysterious and irreplaceable organ of our body has been wasted without the correct nurturing it needs, slowly depleting the individual of one’s life force while still physically being alive. Brain plays a critical role in every area of our lives, from learning, working and playing, to personality, aptitude and memory. Cataracts, arthritis, hearing disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, the list goes on as many lives are brought to a grinding halt enveloping them with depression, isolation and many other mental ailments. Lives of the affected and their near and dear, change to monotony. But, this monotony can be removed. We can keep the verve in an individual alive by adding arts to the hearts.

Who is at risk?

There is no demographics that we can pinpoint to as the ‘only’ ones that are affected by the effects of aging, as this natural process affect all. From capable surgeons whose hands saved many lives to the scientist that made great invention, from delicate darlings to the dare devils, there is no saying when and who will be affected. The impact though, differs based on lifestyle, affordability, genetical make-up etc. But, we can still pave a creative, holistic and meaningful path to this process of inevitable aging.

They say,

‘Old age is second childhood’,

we say

‘Then why wait to nurture that inner child again? – with creativity’.

Are we alone?

Is human race the only one to age? The answer is of course, no.

Is human race the supreme creation in this world? We answer proudly ‘yes’.

Going to the very basics, aren’t we all winners of the race, be it a sperm or pollen? And yet many belonging to the human race lose the verve before the end of the ‘race’. From the huge tree that redesigns to the tiny space as a bonsai plant with all its vivacity, the birds that have adapted to the city living with grace, to the chameleon that paints its body- canvas changing to camouflage itself as crafty predator and elusive prey, we see the divine power thriving to survive and make a statement. Life all around strives to use creativity for its survival and yet humans seem to lose that due to various reasons.

Let us re-instill that zest in us. Let us pave a creative, holistic and meaningful path to this process of inevitable aging.

In a time when we shun the natural process of aging and isolate our elders, Kriyadivine provides hope and improves well-being through creativity and meaningful connection. Weaving visual art, ethnic practices, music and movement together to bring ‘oneness’ in all her participants, Kriyadivine is not a one size fits all program. Every program offered is customized to suit the audience, weaving in some ancient practices, art styles, music and movement, keeping in mind the aim of the program.


  • Meeting regularly, with specific intervals of days
  • Classes to last between 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Large room with tables and chairs (preferably with a sink) to be provided by facility.
  • Groups no more than 10, unless there are volunteers to help at the ratio of 1:5.
  • Facility to inform teaching artist of the number of attendees in advance and of any special needs.
  • Teaching artist to be paid per hour of her service (including prep time).
  • All supplies to be paid for by facility. Teaching artist to provide supply list or gets reimbursed for the supplies, when requested by organization.

Kriyadivine has spread her arms out to embrace seniors and caregivers at

Beatitudes, Phoenix (training), AZ

Oakwood memory care, Mesa, AZ

Sierra Winds, Peoria, AZ

Brookdale, North Chandler, AZ

Chandler Senior center, Chandler, AZ

Pennington gardens, Chandler, AZ

Advanced health care of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

Bee Hive homes of Frisco, Frisco, TX

Spastic society of Karnataka, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Amrithavarshini, Theni, TamilNadu, India ……..