Seeing world as His play

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Have they stood rooted too long?
Have they endured enough?
Those souls so still and silent,
As if in penance towards Your grace.

Your merciful eyes witnessed unperturbed,
As some built their dwellings on,
While some nipped and cut their limbs,
Some raided and butchered their peace.

As their glory- some devoured greedily,
Their beauty, some snatched with no remorse,
Even as their livelihood stripped away,
You seemed to smile in a meaningful grace.

Their wanderlust – you stopped, in it’s tracks
Their greed and possession to refine;
Many a limbs stretch only to give,
None to protect or no way to hide or run?

Skin sagged and crisscrossed a million,
Insides almost dry to their barks,
Had they wilted the results of their actions?
Or still dank in bits and some parts.

Did they plead to you in earnest?
Did their prayers touch your heart?
Though their parts in this drama unfinished,
You willed their release from test?

To grant them a mass glorious end,
To sublime their mortal remains,
With due respect and add in a ritual,
Did you set them free in a blaze?

Lord, are the forest fires but just
Your divine play!?

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