How to continue?! House, not home feels empty now,
Without you in it; it’s dull, dear!
What do you feel now? Or are you just numb?
Who will quench your thirst and hunger?

Did Sun and Moon bring you Joy?
Did the music and lectures touch your soul?
Did your bruise heal and hurt subside?
So many questions run with no counsel.

Will my phone ring and I’ll hear your voice?
Or the door bell announce about your arrival?
Is there another way to get in touch?
To know and understand your survival!

Friends and family wrap me in hugs
But that brief moment of warmth festers,
As I search for you, dearest one
This soul missing it’s wholeness!

Tears seem to dry up; only to swell again,
Weiry silence envelopes a lone shout aloud.
To trudge forward, mind & body fight against,
Longing and missing, life feels estranged.

Understand-can you my bereft?
Can you feel my unbearable loss?
React- can you to ease my pain?
Or too busy in your journey, are you -to pause?

Very few answers to my million questions,
None that truly consoles or comforts.
As I stand here alone with no will to carry on
Kneeling in prayer, arms begging for His alms.

Fate or destiny no matter what they name it,
What brought us together now keeps us apart.
Our moments together run in replay over
And over in my struggling heart.

I love you- if I didn’t tell you enough,
Sorry – for all the hurts I caused you,
Be safe and stay loved, until we meet again
Now show me how, without you to continue?

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