As the red skies slowly give way to a bright blue wash; in my world

A cloak of distant sparkles encircles the scrambling red skies; in yours.

When the birds huddle together to a blissful silence, in your world

They stretch their wings in anticipation of the day in mine.

As the shadows cling closer to the feet, and heat peaks in yours,

World is almost as quite it gets in my part.

While you are breaking a sweat in the sun as you sip the juice,

A smile curves my lips as I revisit our childhood in our dreams.

In your low and lanky days, I try bringing mirth and movement,

My rage and ferocious fire, you douse with your logic and smile.

Where your religious practice takes a back seat, I kneel and prostrate

Calming my zealous pangs your composure climbs to a zenith.

Black and white, fire and ice, whatever be the comparison,

Yet our love and care goes beyond all reasons.

May be this is what is called a karmic bonding!

Dot by dot, you contrat yet compile,

Designs in all you do, unique and complete.

Experiences, memories as you add in dots,

Together yet distinct in this life’s feat!

Humbled and blessed to be part of,

To celebrate the anniversary as a treat,

Yoking from within, Him and Her,

To help render all differences obsolete!!

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