The cuckoo in me!

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Elusive as a cuckoo,

To all that I did and thought,

Life went by so fast,

In a selfish pursuit!

As judgement day nears,

Realizing and  in repentance

I seek thee for mercy and grace,

To dissolve into the collective conscience.


The banyan tree is referred to as kalpavriksha, one to bestow all your wishes.  What is interesting about the flowers of the tree is that  they do not blossom outward and get pollinated inside the dark red berry like buds by the bugs that crawl inside the small orifice. It can be compared to the blossoming of our souls which happens after an inward journey. A full moon depicts our mind with clarity of thought. And the weeping muddy colors are the imprints that are being washed away from the soul, as it evolves with introspection.


P.S. All of this world’s life forms have an innate capacity to sustain itself. Some of them are special cases like the cuckoo, sharks, etc. The very genetic code is based primarily on sustaining one’s own self even at the cost of others, infanticide. Baby sharks that hatch first are known to eat the other eggs in the mother’s womb, killings its siblings. A cuckoo, is a step ahead. It is first laid in a foster home by the mother, who plays no role in rearing the young. As soon as it hatches, the frail blind baby is so driven about its sole survival that it pushes other eggs and babies out of the nest. Ensuring that it gets all the food that its foster parent brings home. This innate trait of selfishness is a common trait in humans as well until we come to a hard stop in life and realize that. It is then that we start the inward journey to attain liberation. 


கருவில் வந்தது முதல், சுயநலம் கருதி –

கணம் கணம் எனை அன்றி

வேறெதுவும் அறியாமலக்

குயில் குஞ்சு போலெ

பிற உயிர்களையும் வதைத்துக்

கனிவாக பொய் பேசி

கண்டார்கள் புகழ்ச்சி கேட்க;

இக்கட்டை பேணி காத்து,

பல் கர்மத்திலும் திழைத்தேனே!

கழுவேற்றும் நாள் நெருங்க,

கர்ம பலன் மிரட்டி நிற்க

காப்பாற்ற வருவாயோ என

கூக்குரல் கொடுக்கின்றேன்

பாவி என்னை மண்ணித்து

ஆட்கொள்ள வேண்டும் ஐயா.

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