In layman’s terms, a blueprint is a 2D representation of a physical structure. It could be elaborated into a 3D model sometimes, for an overall view of the structure planned. This blueprint specifies details of measurement, direction, material makeup and such, of the given structure. Now, based on this blueprint, the structure that rises will have certain aspects that it serves and not. For example, a simple glass panel could be varied from a clear glass to a complex stained glass. This glass panel could be just a decorative addition or a sound barrier. And very often these details are also in the additional pages of the blueprint that one is following for the structure, where each of the elements or parts of the structure are identified for a purpose. From the rudimentary drawings that a child would sketch of a structure to the complex CAD drawings from the architect’s office, we are all familiar with simple 2D representations.

A human ‘avatar’ is said to come into existence only when energy has been charged to an evolutionary height. This energy is projected in a physical form that has a specific reason for its existence. There is an inbuilt intuition in this form that generally gets scattered due to many distractions. And each of these forms have multi-dimensional projections that pull the individual in different directions. Our free-will allows for this to happen in a very complex way. Compared to an animal, especially in the wild; that follows the sun and the moon to go about its life cycle, humans have intellectually twisted nature artificially to suit their needs. From gathering to farming, as humanity used its intellect to garner energy to its comfort and convenience, the balance seemed to have shifted. The outcry of this chase of human selfishness shows in a multitude of issues that world faces as a whole today. Hence there is a greater need to get in touch with the blueprint, to access the original design of this individual energy body.

When a birth happens, the infant for the first time learns to breathe in air on its own accord. This energy form starts interacting with the energy sources around it without the help of another being, the mother. And every object big or small starts exerting its influence on this energy form as does the infant on them. Made up of five elements and enveloped in a membrane called skin, this energy form is strongly influenced individually by the enormous giants of the same elements in the cosmos, namely planets and stars. The pull and push of these giants from the varying angles and locations in space affects the infant uniquely. And thus, is born the blueprint of this energy form. From the constellation at break of dawn to the planetary positions on the cosmic map at that auspicious hour, there is a distinct interaction with the energy form that has come into existence.

Science says genes are our blueprints and we have several million dollars invested in research about the same. In this huge population across the world, only as much as 0.01% of our genes vary amidst all the homo sapiens. And studies show that we share 98.7% with primates such as chimpanzees, bonobos, 93% with Rhesus monkeys, 90% with some cats, 85% with mice, 80% with cows, 61% with fruit flies, 60% with bananas. When such is the vagueness and expense of science about an individual’s genetic study, isn’t it a great gift from the seers to have blueprints for each person deduced with simple calculations of astronomical data?

To a religious person, yantra is a word that is synonymous to an energy form. Ranging from a complex 3D structure in metals to a simple drawing with rice flour, this representation of energy has been passed down generations in Indian culture. Generally, this representation also has a special sound that is associated with it, called the mantra. From shapes to colors used, there are variations that are involved to invoke a certain energy.

So, can we say that our seers saw that a kundali is the yantra of the given individual?  Our body is just a repository of energy. And in contrast to a yantra that is designed to bring about specific energy and purpose, a kundali chart is a yantra that states the purpose and energy that is held in the physical form or the human. And having the blueprint makes it a lot easier for one to access the secrets that it holds. Just as a blueprint has multiple attachments for further details, a kundali also has many such divisions, dissecting specific aspects of the energy form and its influence. An empty house or a specific planet in a particular house, the constellation it is associated with, the lord of the house, the collaboration with other planets, and on and so forth are further dissected to delve deep in.

Our charts are a key for us to use or correct the energy and its flow in order to achieve the primary goal for all births on this planet; salvation. Every life on earth tries to live in a state of ease, if not joy, all the while. If or when this ease or our state of joy is disturbed, we emancipate to bring about that state of equilibrium in our lives. What holds joy to one differs from person to person, though the ultimate joy is to be free, free of our mind and body, it’s thoughts and actions.

This blueprint will need to be utilized in the right way to maximize its capabilities and channel it towards betterment. No chart can be the best or the worst. It is merely a residue of our karmas.  Learning to channel the energies in the right way will truly enhance the spiritual growth of the individual and is the primary purpose of astrology. Predictions and preventive measures are mere commercialization of this abundant knowledge left for us by our seers. As the soul evolves through the energy and form it is present in, the preparation for the next blueprint comes into play. Sure, to live a life of detached attachment would be the ideal. But not all souls are as highly evolved to lead such a life.  And this yantra of ours could be the key to address our predicament. So, it is not madness to know your chart, but to run after predictions and meaningless remedies. Understanding one’s soul in its current form, the trials and tribulations it needs to address, through this journey will slowly help one evolve and reach the state of understanding of life! (as we know it).

It is but a short drama, in these eons of journey of life. And the blueprint keeps changing and evolving until our yantra matches the ultimate’s.

Come to think of it, all the remedial processes involve either visiting a holy place, donating something, doing a religious activity such as a pooja, yagna, etc. This forces the energy body to be in a spiritually charged place or environment; or share his hard-earned material possession in an effort to increase the receptivity of one’s senses, to understand the expanse of life as a whole. But unfortunately, we use this as a platform to achieve another materialistic goal. Instead, if one would only practice charity and heartfelt compassion with everyone around, this need for an individualistic material gain and wild goose’s chase would diminish on its own; and so would the dependence of the yantra for direction.

When the feeling of oneness with others prevails, intuitively the soul would activate its yantra to attune with the ultimate’s. To be dictated by the yantra one was born with, or to tune it to vibrate with Nature is where our freewill comes into play.

 I thought I was this and that,

I felt sometimes high and low,

I chased after one after another,

Until I understood it was just a show!

What I believed was not the truth,

What I detested was not apart from me,

What I loved turned sour,

Until I realized it was meant to set me free!

Not a form, not a relation,

Not a talent nor a failure;

Neither gain nor loss,

Do I understand myself, in this cosmic grandeur!

Broken strings of bondage,

Haunting shadows of thoughts;

Linger waiting to manifest,

To lay waste, battles that I have fought!

Nothing but a mere speck,

A twinkle in the dark,

Changing colors as my yantra

Waiting to ignite into a spark!


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