You sent me into a stupor,
I knew not what came over me.
A deserted soul craving for an oasis;
I wondered and wandered aimlessly.

Abandoned I felt, Oh dear God
Totally at loss, no feelings whatsoever;
No missing the one I loved so much,nor
The ones with passion and love that I bore.

As if in a compulsive trance
All my reasoning I lost,
As a puppet in your hands
The do’s and dont’s I forgot

You sent me looking for what?
And I didn’t understand why?
The harder I looked; the harder it got,
This search of my confused mind.

Oh, the familiar face, the uncanny comfort
As it loomed at the ravishing horizon;
“I’m not lost anymore” i rejoiced
Thinking you has finally sent me home.

How stupid was my thought
How dead did my mind go?
Seriously, how clever was your play,
To show me you were in control.

A mirage felt real, so real
Engulfing me wickedly into its loving arms.
Emotions that went dead, came alive
Dragging me unknowing into a deep storm.

Where and why did I go wrong?
When did I lose my bearings?
What’s your grand plan, dear God
In what direction you are steering?

I cry to you, I plead with you,
Cling on, listening to songs of your praise.
Sometimes your lap is my pillow
Try how much, I am not at peace.

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