Wicked witch’s concoction

Or angelic fairy’s magical portion

Maybe, a brew of both together,

He could not ascertain.

Flowing through, with mirth.

Mixed in his blood in stealth,

Exhilarating; his absolute soul and mind.


Racing and raging rapids

Swelling and surging riots

Tossed and twirled his essence,

Overwhelmed, he yielded in a stupor.

Intense and dark, the fatal cocktail

Of irresistible love and obsession

Plunged and sank him even deeper.


As a mad manipulated marionette,

An unthinking keyed toy,

In wanton and abandon desire.

Crazed and frenzied was he.

Completely drowned in passion

Thoughtless of all his actions

Drift into the love-abyss, did he.

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